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Ever wonder why you can look up shoes or a certain television show and bam, there are ads all over your social media and web browser? That is because every time you visit a website or go online, there are certain tools to identify who you are, your demographics and what you have interest in buying.


This data mining provides reference for marketers to identify and target likely consumers for particular goods or services. Although the gold-standard for analytical data gathering is still Google and the Google Suite, there are several other tools for people to utilize. Often those tools place a “pixel” or data mark on your device. That pixel then tracks various actions you take as well as others on your network who have similar interests in those goods and services. Finally, if this isn’t “creepy enough” that information can then be matched and converted to engage you offline through IP matching to your home or business address which enables delivery of mailed items.


Ever watch television? The same thing happens there. Demographic data derived from the content you watch on HULU, NETFLIX, Prime Video, Disney, etc. all watch what you are watching. Then they serve you similar content. Why are they doing that? Simple, YouTube TV has already started to show their hand. Ads within programming and polls, like YouTube TV is now offering during commercial breaks, allows advertisers to deliver their messaging to those key audiences that will purchase. The goal is not to fire a shotgun and hit the barn, the perfect shot is one ad, to one person who buys.


Just remember, as you are browsing the Internet there is someone watching on the other side. They are recording your every move. As the Crusader told Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom – “choose wisely.”

So what can The Guild do for you? We utilize the Google Analytics Suite along with other analytic software to determine consumer activity and compare alternative messaging which can ultimately increase the conversion rate of visitors to your website.


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