It was fun shaping it.




Over the past 10 years, Principals Lauren Daughety and Tony Vann grew a full-service public relations firm into a nimble strategic marketing agency. After a year-long study, the partners decided to make the ultimate pivot and re-imagine the vision they both saw in 2010 to reflect the rapidly changing strategic communication landscape. The Guild represents that new step toward targeted, data-driven, client-centric marketing.

Just as their previous business was forged during the fires of the 2010 recession, The Guild is a shining example of the fortitude, creativity and experience earned over the past several decades. The Guild is the marketing agency no one could imagine 10 years ago and both Daughety and Vann are committed to pushing the limits of communication strategy directly benefiting their clients and shaping the communication industry.

Innovation, creativity, data, technology and fundamental communications are the stones on which The Guild has been built.



Lauren Daughety is a skilled communications strategist with more than a decade of professional experience creating campaigns, creative and messaging for a variety of businesses and organizations. As principal of The Guild, she is chief strategist and directs all client accounts. Prior to founding The Guild, she was the executive vice president at Vann & Associates | PR + Marketing, where she led a staff of eight which serviced all aspects of communication efforts. With scores of award-winning public relations and marketing campaigns attributed to her efforts, she utilized her vision crafting new campaigns for healthcare, tourism and non-profit clients.

Daughety has also served as director of corporate communications for Christian Companion Senior Care where she developed public relations, media relations and advertising campaigns to promote local and national brand awareness. She has also served as the public relations manager and marketing and advertising coordinator at Frontier Country Marketing Association, where she was instrumental in leading media-based campaigns and direct-to-consumer marketing strategy.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communications/public relations from the University of Central Oklahoma and is currently a member of the Oklahoma Museums Association board of directors as well as a Coalition of State Museum Associations communications committee member. Daughety holds her Social Media Certification from the Hootsuite Academy and is a member of The Gazette's Forty Under 40 class of 2019. She lives in El Reno with her husband Chavis and their Great Dane, Merlin.



Tony Vann is a proven public relations and communications professional with more than 25 years of experience in media relations, state and federal government relations, marketing communications and non-profit administration. He has represented organizations and individuals in the healthcare, hospitality, travel and tourism, insurance, real estate and retail industries. Before becoming a Principal at The Guild, he founded Vann & Associates | PR + Marketing. He has also served as President of Christian Companion Senior Care, a national franchise corporation offering services for seniors in their own homes. Vann grew the company from a start up to more than 32 locations within seven states.

His career also includes service as communications director for Oklahoma’s Lieutenant Governor Mary Fallin where he worked closely with key officials in the public and private sector to move Oklahoma forward to a more business-friendly environment. Vann has also worked as the development director for the Oklahoma City National Memorial where he raised more than $14.1 million to complete the three-component Memorial dedicated to those who were lost in the Alfred P. Murrah Building on April 19, 1995.

In his previous capacities, he has also served as the public relations director at Oklahoma State University in Oklahoma City as well as the legislative assistant to the House Republican Leader in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Vann also has the claim of being the first creator and instructor of a distance learning political science class in the state of Oklahoma. He is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma with a B.A. in Political Science.

Vann is an active member of his professional community as a member of the Public Relations Society of America Counselors Academy, he sits on the membership committee of the Public Relations Consultants Group and is the Chair of the 2021 PRCG Conference Committee. He and his wife Cindy enjoy traveling, spending time with family and cheering for the OU Sooners, Denver Broncos, OKC Thunder and Chicago White Sox.



We understand there are several variables in accurately placing monetary value on the work we provide. However, we are committed to client transparency. The following are the price ranges one should expect from us as well as our competitors. Paying more, then you may be paying too much. Paying much less, then you may not be getting the best value for your money.


Projects are research intensive at the beginning and yield plans and reports outlining a client's current place in the marketplace and suggested path to success either within that same vertical or a tangential market. On average, expect a low-end per hour rate of $100 and a higher rate for high-level work averaging $175 per hour.


Projects are generally billed as a set fee for each item; however, an hourly rate could apply as well. On average, expect a low-end per hour rate of $50 and a higher rate for commissioned or illustrative work averaging $120 per hour.



Based on the number of social media channels and the number of hours provided, expect a range of between $1,575 to $3,000 per month.


Based on how elaborate the design is, the functionality of the website and the depth of content, the range is wide. Standard custom websites begin at $3,100 and can go up from there.


Digital advertising includes several different compensation structures. There is a set-up fee to begin the campaign which ranges between $500 to $750 per campaign. Then there is a fee for building the campaign, usually $100 per hour if not combined with another service and then the fee for the advertising itself, which is based upon too many factors to legitimately quantify. However, we do encourage our clients to budget an additional $1,500 per month for a robust campaign.





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